The server has just been updated to Tekkit 3.0.4, and this brings new mods, updates and other features such as higher world height. However there are a number of downsides to this, mainly that the old world is not compatible with the new Tekkit, and I have been unable to convert it. If you know of a way that works let me know, as I have the old world in a backup. I can also provide the old world backup to anyone that wants to continue to work in the old world.

Also I have been unable to get the old world seed to work with the updated Minecraft, so the island is lost for now :'(

Do I need to do anything?

If you haven’t changed any options in the Technic launcher then it will automatically update itself.  If you have manually changed the modpack build you will need to change it to 3.0.3 or select “always use the recommended build”

  1. iJoseph

    The server is down (27/6/2012). Please fix asap, so I can continue to explore Tekkit on this awesome server.


  2. Leke

    A lost island? Sounds mysterious.



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Version: Tekkit 3.0.4